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Black Man




" When white folks can't defeat you, 

 they'll always find some Negro,

  some boot-licking, butt-licking, 

 bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, 

 sissified, punkified,  pasteurized,

  homogenized  Negro that they

  can trot out in front of you."



Khalid Abdul Muhammad born Harold Moore, Jr. in Houston, Texas (January 12, 1948 – February 17, 2001) was educated at Dillard University, B.A., and Pepperdine University, M.Div. Muhammed was a charismatic preacher, speaker and leading figure in the Black Nationalist, Pan Africanist movement. Muhammed was known more prominently as the controversial spokesperson for the Nation of Islam (NOI) until 1993 and National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party from the late 1990s until his death. A gifted orator, Muhammed was often celebrated by supporters as a champion of black self development, race awareness and self enterprise; while being equally reviled by detractors for comments that were often viewed as anti -white, anti-semetic, and homophobic. Muhammed had earlier aspired to be a preacher but converted to Islam while attending Dillard. Muhammed rose through the ranks of the NOI and was named one of Louis Farrakhan's top lieutenants in 1981. He served at Nation of Islam mosques in New York and Atlanta throughout the decade, and in 1991 became Farrakhan's personal assistant. Muhammad's new position involved public speaking engagements, and he quickly became known for his harsh rhetoric about whites, Jews, and homosexuals. In 1993, following a speech at Kean College in Union, New Jersey, in which he referred to Jews as ``bloodsuckers; labeled The Pope a ``no-good cracker (pejorative); and urged mob murder of white South Africans, he was reprimanded and subsequently left the NOI. There is some question as to whether he was removed from the organization by Louis Farrakhan or if his departure was, in fact, voluntary. Needless to say, he ended his direct affiliation with the organizer. In 1994, Muhammad appeared on The Phil Donahue Showin an appearance that featured Muhammad engaged in heated arguments with Jewish audience members amid an explanation of his controversial remarks. Muhammad was shot by James Bess, a former NOI member, after he spoke at the University of California at Riverside on May 29, 1994. Muhammad believed the shooting was a part of a conspiracy against him. Following recovery, he became the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, and organized the ``Million Youth March in New York City in 1998. The march was controversial from its inception as New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani petioned the court to ban the rally. The rally, attended by about 6,000 people, was marred by clashes between the NYPD and marchers; dozens were arrested and many more injured[[1]]. Muhammed convened a second march in 1999 which drew roughly 2,000 participants and no incidence with the police. Muhammed continued to organize protest and marches to highlight the problem of police brutality, racial profiling and violence in the black community until his death. In 2001, Muhammed died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in Atlanta, Georgia. He was 53. Muhammad is still venerated by members of the New Black Panther Party and seen as the de facto father of the movement. The organization is currently headed by Ben Trebach. In 2000, Muhammad's beliefs were introduced to a completely new demographic when it was revealed that one of the contestants on the American television show Big Brother, William Collins (Hiram Ashantee), was a former member of the New Black Panthers. In the press Muhammad criticized the cast member, William Collins for complimenting a white woman. Muhammad has been notably featured by the hip-hop group Public Enemy on the intro to their song “Night of the Living Baseheads.” [edit] Quotes "Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews... Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew." (Speech at Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993) "I say you call yourself Goldstein, Silverstein, and Rubinstein because you {sic} stealing all the gold and silver and rubies all over the earth...we call it jewelry but it's really Jew-elry, Jew-elry because of your deiving {sic} and stealing and rogueing {sic} and lying all over the face of the planet earth." (Speech in Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994) "Now it is time to stand up and fight back...There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes." (Speech at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, February 17, 1992) "The white man is not only practicing racism and Zionism, and with the prostitution ring, the so-called Jew man with the Jew woman all over the world to make a few dollars, he is also practicing sexism. He's a racist, he's a Zionist, an imperialist. He's a no-good bastard. He's not a devil, the white man is the Devil." (Speech at San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997).

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